4.19.15 – Planets


4.12.15 – Bees

      Today’s featured poet is Sean Nevin.            

4.5.15 – The New York School

“There’s a time when what you’re creating and the environment you’re creating it in come together,” painter Grace Hartigan once said. She was talking specifically about a certain group of poets and painters living in New York City in the…

How To Record Your Poetry

Want to record your poetry for your website or to submit to journals? (Check out our list of journals that want your audio here!) Good audio, bad audio…we’ve heard it all. Here are some tips to help your voice sound its…

Journals with Audio

  Want to know where else to listen to poetry? Want to publish audio versions of your own work? Look no further! We’ve put together a list of journals that publish audio poetry (and some other genres as well!).  …

3.29.15 – Faith


3.22.15 – Shoe Show


3.15.15 – Going Green

  Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

3.8.15 – FOR THE BIRDS

    Today’s featured poet is Maggie Sawkins.