8/26- Back to School Show

…instead of jeers and everyone sliding over
to the aisle-side so I couldn’t sit down, someone said,
“There’s a seat up here, Chris.” It was
next to Mary Jo Stillwell, pretty as she was
in eighth grade, who had slid to the window
to let me sit…

-From “The School Bus” by Christian Barter

  1.  To Certain Students- V. Penelope Pelizzon
  2. To the Sixth Grade Class at Lilly C. Evans Elementary School in Dade County Miami- Patricia Smith
  3. To Two Teenage Girls Playing with One Another’s Hair in the Back of my Classroom- Katie Fesuk
  4. America- Tony Hoagland
  5. What Teachers Make- Taylor Mali
  6. Response to a Student Email Asking Why he Received a C- in Creative Writing While I Vacation in Bangkok- Aimee Nezhukumatathil
  7. When You Feel Like Crying at a Faculty Meeting- Arielle Greenberg
  8. Office Hours- Robert Pfeiffer
  9. Wife and Chid Leave Mr. Walton- John Olivares Espinoza
  10. Rat Race- The Specials
  11. The School Bus- Christian Barter
  12. School Years- Oliver de la Paz
  13. School House- Mike Dockins
  14. Lessons Unlearned- Ed Pavlic
  15. Boy from School- Hot Chip
  16. Sent to her Teacher (Shoku Shonin)- Unknown (Patrick Donnelly [reader] & Stephen Miller [translator])
  17. The Book- Marilyn Nelson
  18. The Blue Terrace- Terrance Hayes
  19. When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears- Martin Arnold
  20. The Day Kennedy Died- Leon Stokesbury
  21. Street Life- Roxy Music
  22. Duck Duck Redux (live)- Evie Shockley
  23. History Lesson, Part 3- Philip Metres

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