4.16.17 Thomas Lux Memorial

This is a special program honoring poet Thomas Lux. In a career that spanned five decades, he wrote poems that were both heartfelt and humorous.


(All poems listed are by Thomas Lux.)

A Man Gets Off Work Early

The Republic of Anesthesia


The Shooting Zoo

He Has Lived in Many Houses

Letter to Walt Whitman from a Soldier He Nursed in Armory Square Hospital, Washington, D.C., 1866

A Little Tooth

To Plow and Plant the Seashore

The Language Animal

The Happy Majority

The Gentleman Who Spoke Like Music

Eyes Scooped Out and Replaced by Hot Coals

Books – Minden

Ode to All Songs, Poems, Stories that Begin I Woke Up this Morning.


The Ambrosian Library

Early Blur


Refrigerator 1957

Re-Reading Room – ROW

Sugar Spoon

Her Hat that Party on her Head.

I Love You Sweatheart

Ode to the Joyful Ones

Ode to the Eating Establishment Where the Pencils were Chained to the Table

Ode to the Eraser as Big as a Bus

House of Books – Party Boys

Ode to the Electric Fish that Eat Only the Tails of Other Electric Fish

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