5.14.17 Mother Dearest

Tenneva Jordan said, “A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” Celebrate the things moms do this week on melodically challenged!



Listening to My Mother’s Comic Banter with Sackboys and Servers – Leon Stokesbury

Hall Mirror – Gail Mazur

We Were So Poor – Charles Simic

For My Mother – SK

Mitosis and the Fall of Alexandria – Mike Dockins

Any Common Desolation – Ellen Bass

Plantation – Charif Shanahan

Taproot and Cradle – Khaled Mattawa

The Song of the Old Mother – W.B. Yeats

Mother – Uncle Neptune

Frequently Asked Questions: #9 – Camille T. Dungy

Ideas Only Go So Far – Matthea Harvey

After the Gig: Mick Jagger – Elizabeth Alexander

Under the Stars – Dorianne Laux

In Mother’s Garden – Khaty Xiong

A Beatnik Mother’s Dying Wish – The Strangelet Disasters

Return to Key West After My Mother’s Death – Sharon Olds

My Mother’s Gardening Journal – Taylor Mali

My Mother Would Be a Falconress – Robert Duncan

Lookout Mountain – Austin Seagrest

Happy Birthday to Your Mother – Plushgoolash

The Invisible Intruder – Katie Chaple

True  – Cheryl Stiles

Imperatives for Carrying On in the Aftermath – Natasha Trethewey

Tell My Mother – ­­­Ryan Bingham

Ave Maria – Frank O’Hara

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