5.21.17 The Bee’s Knees

We’re abuzz with excitement about this week’s show, bee-cause it’s all about bees!




The Carpenter Bee – Sean Nevin

Solstice – Maria Hummel

Killing Bees – Gabriel Welsch

(The first sturdy bee) – Kevin Goodan

Dead Bees – Graham Coxon

Improbable Ease in the Interior of Things – Youna Kwak

The Bee of Was – Steve Scafidi

Honey Bee – Sivert Hoyem, Robert BurĂ¥s & Frode Jacobsen

Field Notes – Rachel Richardson

Oblivio Gate – Sean Nevin

Solomon’s Palimpsest – Sean Nevin

Wisdom – Sean Nevin

New Moon – Sam Witt

Honey to the Bee – Billie Piper

Telling the Bees – John Greenleaf Whittier

Busy Bee – Sarah Eyden, Stephen Henderson

To Go – Heather McHugh

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