5.28.17 Endings

Alexa Von Tobel said, “For many, graduation marks the end of formal student life – the end of long spring breaks and of thinking that a 10 A.M. class is far too early.” Although spring is a time of beginnings–flowers budding, birds returning, and the weather changing from rainy and cold to warm and sunny–spring is also a time for endings, and in academia, that means graduations. So this week’s melodically challenged is all about endings.


Kundiman Ending on a Theme from T La Rock – Patrick Rosal

End of Summer – James Richardson

Ending in an Abandoned Month – Mark Bibbins

No Surrender – Dobby Gibson

How it Ends –  James Richardson

World without end – Lee Sharkey

Instructions for the End – Andrew Kozma

It’s Not the End of the World – Robert Kramer

Going Off the Deep End Into Confectionary – Matthea Harvey

How the Search Ended – Ravi Shankar

The End of the Alphabet – Claudia Rankine

In the End You Implode Me – Tiffany Higgins

The End – A.A. Milne read by Catherine McCormack

LandsEnd – August Kleinzahler

I’ll Be There Til the End – Redblossom

The Far End – Kyes Stevens

As I Step Over a Puddle at the End of Winter, I think of an Ancient Chinese Governor – James Wright

Evening’s End – Leon Stokesbury

Our Revels Now Are Ended (The Tempest, Act IV, Scene I) – William Shakespeare read by Joseph Fiennes

Endless Flame – Joseph Armani feat. Cazzi Opeia

Grass Isn’t Mowed on Weekends – John Olivares Espinoza

Outside the Wake of a Friend’s Father – Ross Gay

Elegy for a Long-Dead Friend – Michael Collier

Friends, I am Sick of the World – Christian Barter

Transfiguration – Mark Jarman



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