9.10.17 Coffee

“Never trust anyone who doesn’t drink coffee.” -AJ Lee Legend has it that goat herders in the 9th century noticed that their goats appeared to “dance” after eating coffee berries. A local monk then made a drink with coffee berries, it kept him awake, and the original cup of coffee was born. This week, we invite you to pour over, perk, espress, cold brew, French press or chemex your cup’a Joe, while we serve up poetry about coffee.


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When She Sang in the Bazaar – Richard Berengarten

Quincaillerie de mi Alma – Tina Pisco

Fabulous Ones – Jeffrey Thomson

Used Books – Luljeta Lleshanaku translated by Ani Gjika

The Man with Small Hands – Laura McCullough

Coffee Morning – Olga Scotland

One-Third of 180 Grams of Lead – Frank X Walker

Inhabitants of the Cusp – Nina Corwin

Garden of Brazil – Tiffany Higgins

Highlands Mission – Aaron Baker

Design in America – Betsy Sholl

City Riding: Morning Coffee -Bottlesmoker

The Truth – Gerald Stern

Aubade with a Book and a Rattle from a String of Pearls – Oliver de la Paz

Reverb – Laura Scheffler Morgan

Caution, Freight – Anne Shaw

At the Poetry Reading – Ken Cormier

A Cup of Coffee for Your Fears – The Vévé Seashore

Like Father – Jericho Brown

The Return – Louisa Igloria

Shooting Turtles – Sarah Wetzel

The Walnut – David Cappella

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