9.24.17 Piece of Cake

What do the following words have in common: hummingbird, sheet, marble, chiffon, Charlotte, coffee, pound, and short? They’re all kinds of cake! Whether your favorite is one of those or something a little simpler, like chocolate, you’ll find something to enjoy in this week’s melodically challenged! Our Piece of Cake show is an hour of sweet poetry and music about cakes of all kinds. And you can enjoy it guilt-free, even if it’s not a special occasion!


Listen to the show here!



The Groom’s Cake – Carrie Jerrell

from Allergy Girl (parts I & V) – Sandra Beasley

The Moment – Jane Hilberry

Shrewd and Beautiful is My New York – Sarah Gambito

Miss B., with Cotton Candy – Rebecca Black

Small Container, Fury – Sandra Lim

Eli Green’s Cakewalk – Heftone Banjo Orchestra

The Quincaillerie de mi Alma – Tina Pisco

Ten steps to stay sane – Tina Pisco

Deconstructing Dorothy – Nina Corwin

Novice Gillian – Kiley

The Barrel is Surely Coming Down the Hill – Gillian Kiley

Stein 100: A Feather Likeness of the Justice Chair – Jackson Mac Low

8. What Isaac Knew of Forgiveness – Mark Conway

Mariam’s Cake – Robin Grey

Of Shock – Nicole Cooley

Perfect for Any Occasion – Alberto Ríos

Ourselves Woo Yourselves, Pretty Bird – Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis

Vanishing Armenia – Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis

Gimme the Cake – Mike Doughty

Peaches – Adrienne Su

Ideas Go Only So Far – Matthea Harvey

The Gem is on Page Sixty-Four – Matthea Harvey

Cake – Noah Eli Gordon

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