9/9- Body Show

“You good for nothing spleen. Whatever it is you do, screw you.”

-From “To Another Her with Love” by Travis Denton



1. Reasons I’m Somewhere Between Your Doorstep and Your Bedroom- Corey Greene

2. Desert Throat- Vikas Menon

3. Gigans 17- Ruth Ellen Kocher

4. Memory From a Bone Sample- Xochiquetzal Candelaria

5. Heartbeat- The Detroit Cobras

6. Mother’s Lips- C.K. Williams

7. My Autopsy- Michael Dickman

8. Ode to my Hands- Tim Siebles

9. Lullaby After Midnight- Sarah Lindsay

10. Dynamics- Beth Gylys

11. All Effect- Anthony Deaton

12. Shake Hands- Birthmark

13. A Love Supreme- Gabrielle Calvocoressi

14. First Burial- Cheryl Stiles

15. Called Back, Called Back- Joshua Kryah

16. Piccolo Black Art- Kyle G. Dargan

17. Cardinal Virtue- Nicky Beer

18. Coming into Lexington, Virginia- Sebastian Matthews

19. Between Two Lungs- Florence and the Machine

20. Pretty Little Rooms- Katie Chaple

21. Stranded on an Island- Monica Burchfield

22. Your Eyes are Only my Limitless Now- Taylor Mali

23. Duty- Robert Pfeiffer

24. The Secret Bedroom Hands of a Drummer- Megan Sexton

25. I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud- William Wordsworth (read by Michael Sheen)

26. Gross Anatomy- Katie Chaple

27. To Another Her with Love- Travis Denton

28. Quisiera Declarar- Erika Meitner


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