11.5.17 Up a Tree

George Bernard Shaw said, “Except during the nine months before he draws his first breath, no man manages his affairs as well as a tree does.”





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Being With Trees – Kristen Case

On the Stairs Outside the Psychiatric – Chloe Honum

So It Came Together – Xenia Emelyanova

I Do Not Sleep For Sleep Is Like the Wind and Trees Amazed – Miranda Field

Two Trees – Ishion Hutchinson

Interview with a Pear Tree – Genine Lentine

Bent Trees, Straight Shadow – Sydney Lea

A Drop Fell on the Apple Tree – Emily Dickinson

Goodbye in Slow Motion with All Those Trees Waving – Alexander Long

On the Metaphor from the Yuima-kyo Which Says This Body is Like a Banana Tree – Timothy Donnelly

Old Oak Tree – Scott Holmes

Family Tree – Jahzzar

Family Tree – Elena Medel

Hello My Name is Jacques Rancourt, Too – Jacques Rancourt

No Miracle, No Act of God – Jacques Rancourt

Amber is a Tree’s Blood – Margo Berdeshevsky

Spring Rain on Broken Branches – Xenia Emelyanova, translated by Katherine E. Young

Dreams of Trees – The Owl Strangler Fig Trees – Seth Michelson

Twelve Trees – Diana Maria Delgado

Person, House, Tree – Charlotte Matthews

Tree Toads – Wall Matthews

Nate Brown is Looking for a Moose – Matthew Olzmann

Passerines – Kerrin McCadden

Two Silver Trees – Calexico

Ode to Trees – Doug Woodsum

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