11.19.17 All in the Family

Ogden Nash said, “A family is a unit composed not only of children but of men, women, an occasional animal, and the common cold.” This week’s show is all about family: Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters, grandparents and even an in-law thrown in for good measure. If you look forward to family gatherings with a combination of joy, trepidation, or outright fear, you are not alone. It’s “All In The Family” on melodically challenged!



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Imagined Love Poem to My Mother From My Father – Joseph O. Legaspie

Family Gatheringm – Gabriel Fried

What My Fathers Taught Me – Reginald Harris

My Mother Ceridwen – Helene Cordona

Anti-Ekfrancis – Frank Giampietro.

Mother’s Love – James Allen Hall

At Americas Best Value Inn in Crossett, Arkansas – Chloe Honum

Family Album – Simon Waldram off of the album Beware! Vision Volume 4

My Mother Told Us Not to Have Children – Rebecca Gayle Howell

How to Fall In Love With Your Father – Ross Gay

Game One of the World Series With Your Father – Rachel M. Simon

Happy Family Park – Lobo Loco off of the album Requickened City

Father – Sally Blumis-Dunn

Family Conversations – Lobo Loco off of the album Phenomenon

Like Father – Jericho Brown

A Poem in Which My Father is Not the Villain – Deborah Ager

Mytosis and the Fall of Alexandria – Mike Dockins

Romeo – The Family Crest off of KEXP Live, January 2012.

Riding with My Brother to the Dump – John Olivares Espinoza

Trampolining – Petra White

When I was Beautiful – Averill Curdy

The Twin – Jennifer K. Sweeney

Meditation on a Seam – Helene Cordona

Family – Johnny Ripper off of the album la’esprit d’escalier

Fish – Elena Medel

Fainting at My Grandfather’s Funeral – Sean Nevin

Ars Poetica #17 – Alexander Long

Seven Reasons for Divorce – Victoria Chang

Spring – Ani Gjika

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