12.24.17 Vegetable Medley

Beans, peas, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, or cucumbers, whatever your favorite is, you’ll find plenty of poetry to fill you up this week as melodically challenged brings you Vegetable Medley!

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If This is What It Takes – Curtis Bauer

Afterlife – Curtis Bauer

The Bundle – Jorge Gimeno, translated by Curtis Bauer

Autumn Passage – Elizabeth Alexander

Daisy Cutter II – Camille T. Dungy

What Her Father Said – Tony Barnstone

I like veggies (the people), don’t like veggies (the food) – Dr. Sparkles

Yankie My – Ken Rumble

The Lake Isle of Innisfree – W.B. Yeats

Onion Field – Elaine Sexton

The Shadows at Boxford – Norman Dubie

Down South, all it takes to be a church – Stacey Lynn Brown

Story Told While Pruning – John Olivares Espinoza

A Yellow Leaf     Ariana Reines

The Great Vegetable Breakdown – Smersh

One of 100 – David Trinidad

Chess – Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Black Rhinoceros – Edward Hirsch

The Evangalist at a Distinct Advantage – Mark Conway

Natural Selection – Nona Corwin

tatterdemalion – Francine J. Harris

á table – Evie Shockley

From Sokolniki – Philip Metres

Integration – Adrian Matejka

Vegetable Gardeners – Eric & Magill

Pathetic Fallacy – Emilia Phillips

The Green Stamp Book – Susan Wheeler

Meditation on a Seam – Louisa A. Igloria

After Revolution – Emmy Pérez

The Lettuce Bag – Joy Katz

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