1.7.18 Small Towns

This week’s show is all about small towns:  the towns that are our homes or the towns we drive through on our way to someplace else. Little villages can have a lot of history. Of course, they can also be the place where everyone knows everyone else’s personal history!

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Dear Suburb – David Roderick

Azaleas  – Cate Marvin

The Division  – David Bruzina

Two by Two – Luljeta Lleshanaku, translated by Ani Gjika

The Summer Carnival – Louisa A. Igloria

The Dead – Kerrin McCadden

Two Towns by Blind Pilots – Blind Pilots

Talbotton County, 1923 – Rebecca Black

Barometers – David Cappella

A Fence Line Running Through It – Curtis Bauer

Altoona to Anywhere – Rebecca Foust

Suzanne Cleary – Anyways

Coming into Lexington, Virginia – Sebastian Mathews

Elegy Where Small Towns are Obscured by Mountains  – Matthew Olzmann

Roll On – The Twin Atlas

Addressing a Country as the Name We Like – Lytton Smith

Small Town Stations – Luljeta Lleshanaku, translated by Ani Gjika

Milledgeville-Haibun  – Sean Hill

Close Encounters by Night Driving in Small Towns – Night Driving in Small

Southern Crescent – Thorpe Moeckel

Highway 61 Blues – Lynne Thompson

Darkly – Jake Adam York

McDonald’s, Scottsboro, April 1977 – Anthony Walton

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