1.14.18 Working the Crowd

Trent Reznor said, “Live interaction with a crowd is a cathartic, spiritual kind of exchange, and it’s intensified at a festival.” Or, we might add, in a poetry radio show. On week’s edition of melodically challenged, we invite you to join the crowd because we’ll be working the crowd in our poems and music.


Listen to the show here!



On the Death of a Circus Elephant – Averill Curdy

Portrait of Brittany Spears, Kentwood, 1996 – Rachel Richardson

Either Swallow Fire or Iron Jaw – Cori A. Winrock

Desire – Colin Cheney

It Crowd Remix – Pocketmaster

The Wave – Michael Collier

Bass Line – Betsy Scholl

Masqualero – Ed Pavlic

Lessons Unlearned – Ed Pavlic

Call It in the Air – Ed Pavlic

Ahead of the Crowd – Derek Chegg

The Novice Insomniac – Emily Warn

A Late Summer Day in New Haven – David Capella

End of Summer – James Richardson

From Sokolniki – Philip Metres

When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears – Martin Arnold

Apart, Away – Connie Voisine

Revival – Ira Sadoff

Too Steep to Climb – Andrew Kozma

Lower Manhatten Pantoum – Elaine Sexton

Faithful See Virgin Mary in Office Window – David Roderick

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