2.4.18 Play It Again

 Gertrude Stein called repetition “the lesson that history teaches.” In melodically challenged’s “Play It Again,” every poem will feature some form of repetition: either a word, a phrase, or a whole line.



Poetry Doesn’t Need You – Ken Cormier

Home to Roost – Kay Ryan

how to say – Safia Elhillo

Dear Lonely Animal, – Oni Buchanan

Ghazal: The Beloved – Marilyn Hacker

Erase Rewrite Repeat – Proto Idiot

Lower Manhattan Pantoum – Elaine Sexton

The Country-Western Singer’s Ex-Wife, Sober in Mendocino County, California – Carrie Jerrell

Descent of the Composer – Airea D. Matthews

Let Me Count the Waves – Sandra Beasley

Do not go gentle into that good night – Dylan Thomas

Parent’s Pantoum – Carolyn Kizer

Repeat – Wimps

WWE – Fatimah Asghar

Letter to Brooks [Spring Garden] – Major Jackson

Eve’s Sestina for Adam – Lucy Anderton

The Border: A Double Sonnet – Alberto Ríos

Farm Implements and Rutabagas in a Landscape – John Ashbery

History Repeats – Josh Woodward

Fire Ghazal – Kevin A. González

Nap/Repeat – Wimps

Post-Soviet Sestina (October 1996) – Philip Metres

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