2.11.18 A Rose Is a Rose

Charles Bukowski said, “We are like roses that have never bothered to bloom when we should have bloomed and it is as if the sun has become disgusted with waiting.” You don’t have to wait much longer because this week on melodically challenged, the poetry features that sweet-smelling, thorny flower long-favorited among poets and lovers alike.


Hothouse – Raymond McDaniel

The Kisser’s Handbook (The Sensitive Male Chapter) – Joseph O. Legaspi

Ikebana – Laura Scheffler Morgan

1 Corinthians 13 – Spencer Reece

Scent – Leslie McGrath

Crimson Rose – The Saylavees

Poem – Suzanne Stein

the gigans: iii. – Ruth Ellen Kocher

Song for the Festival – Gretchen Marquette

Gold – Donald Hall

After Anna Akhmatova – Cynthia Zarin

  1. What Isaac Knew of Forgiveness – Mark Conway

Twelve Trees – Diana Marie Delgado

Stone – Lucy Anderton

Onion Field – Elaine Sexton

Diagnosis – Keetje Kuipers

Roses and Wine – Diego Garcia

Stem of the Hybrid Perpetual – Jennifer Tseng

No Weeds, No Work – John Olivares Espinoza

Story Told While Pruning – John Olivares Espinoza

The price of crude – Djelloul Marbrook

Pressing Business – Gabriel Welsch

Pomegranate – Kevin Pilkington

Roses – Benjimanji

[Out Of Anonymity] – Andrés Navarro translated by Curtis Bauer

The Lettuce Bag – Joy Katz

Female Scarecrow – Kate Northrop

Myths of the Disappearance – Monica Ferrell

Rose Tint – Young Romance

Masqualéro – Ed Pavlic

A Red, Red Rose – Robert Burns

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