2.25.18 In a Word

This week on melodically challenged it’s “In a Word”: poems and songs that explore language and diction. Umberto Eco said, “Poetry is not a matter of feelings, it is a matter of language. It is language which creates feelings.” On the next melodically challenged, the poetry not only creates feelings, it uses words to explain how we use words! Join us where yesterday’s poetry comes alive and today’s poetry rocks…and bring your best vocabulary.


Where the Sky Meets the Earth – W. Todd Kaneko

Radial Scent – Sharon Wang

fabulous ones – Jeffrey Thomson

The Burden – Sara Nicholson

The Tent – Naomi Shihab Nye

Music from Childhood – John Yau

Self-Portrait as the Bootblack in Daguerre’s Boulevard du Temple – Robin Coste Lewis

Right Words to Say – Derek Clegg

samuel johnson, – Aracelis Girmay

Won Exit – Elizabeth Metzger

Eskimo whizzamajig – Elizabeth Bradfield

Hear the Light – Geffrey Davis

Elimination – Maggie Sawkins

Harlem Summer – Ishion Hutchinson

Talk – Tacocat

Anyways – Suzanne Cleary

Little Errand – Brian Teare

A Prayer to Talk to Animals – Nickole Brown

The Shadows at Boxford – Norman Dubie

Posited – James McMichael

Narrativity – Helen Wickes

Nazbas – Sherwin Bitsui

Tip of My Tongue – Jacques Le Coque

Beautiful Thinking – Angie Estes

They Ate the Bulbs of Tulips – Mark Wagenaar

For the Bodiless – Billy Ramsell

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