3.18.18 It’s Got Legs

This week on melodically challenged, we’re going to give you a leg up on poetry, with an hour of poetry and music with legs. So shake a leg!




Into the Empty Woods – David Roderick

Safe Harbor – Tina Pisco

The Chair – Jaun Carlos Flores, translated by Marta Hernandez Salvan & Jeffrey Thomson

Stay A While – Rettward von Doernberg

Petersburg Dawn – Sam Witt

Obsessed – Mary Crockett Hill

The Aerialist – Karen Holmberg

Once Inch Plantation – Legendary Oaks

Against Prognostication – Jeffrey Thomson

When You’re Not Allowed to Daydream – Rachel M. Simon

Horse in the Dark – Vievee Francis

The Farrier – Carey McHugh

White Wolf – Carey Salerno

Wolf – Lindsay Ahl

Bright Day – Mary Noonan

A Poem in Which My Father Is Not the Villain – Deborah Ager

On Three Legs – Blue Dot Sessions

Land Legs – Andy G. Cohen

The Man with Small Hands – Laura McCullough

Vacationary – Heather Treseler

Living without Memory – April Ossmann

Push With Your Legs – Jon Watts

Football – Charles Flowers

Seduction (or The Unicorn Tapestries) – Rebecca Black

Miss B with Cotton Candy – Rebecca Black

Anonymous Brothel Photo, 1885 – Peter Kline

The light behind her head, the bright honeycomb of the sky – Keetje Kuipers

Seeing Things – Paula Cunningham

From the River’s Edge – ML Smoker

Wind on my legs – Monplaisir

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