3.25.18 In the Running

James Thurber said, “All men should strive to learn before they die, what they are running from, and to, and why.” And that’s what our poets strive to do in this week’s show: take a hard look at the why, the how, and the where of running. So, run like the wind to catch this week’s melodically challenged, where yesterday’s poetry comes alive and today’s poetry rocks!


Loon Cove – Matt O’Donnell

Scheherazade – Richard Siken

Reprieve – Marie Harris

Lode Runner – Podington Bear

The Dead – Kerrin McCadden

Devotion: New York, 1970 – Bruce Smith

Mephista Among the Surrealists – Rebecca Black

Scatology Series – Estha Weiner

Shooting Turtles – Sarah Wetzel

Habit – Joy Katz

Run – Decreek

Winter Poem With Three-Year-Old – Joy Katz

Results of the Polygraph: The Autobiography of What If & When – Ed Pavlic

Run Hound – Cellophane Sam

Sugaring Redux – Sean Hill

Coastal Bop – Betsy Sholl

Singing-Heard-Through – Jennifer-Tseng

Practicing Fade-Aways – John Murillo

Your Event Horizon – Lytton Smith

emergency V – Mariano Peyrou

Suspended Animation+Saturn – Liz O’Donoghue

Transmutation Notebook B – Colin Cheney

Gretel in the Tunnel – Henrietta Goodman

Tara – Elena Medel

Running Waters – Jason Shaw

Runaway – Sea Offs

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