9/30- Dead Animal Show

“The burnt corpse of an earthworm curled into itself like a rusty fishhook.”

-From “A Slaughter of Earthworms” by Bob Pfeiffer




To a Horseshoe Crab- Michael Collier

Blessing Blue Crabs- Yona Harvey

Soft Shell Crab- Karen Holmberg

The Leatherback- Campbell McGrath

Fish- Daniel Halpern (read by John Ashbery)

Cambodian Frog-Gigging- Kyes Stevens

Frogs- Gerald Stern

A Barred Owl- Richard Wilbur

Your Old Animal- Jules Gibbs

Animals in the City- Michelle Rozga

The Armadillo- Elizabeth Bishop

Dead Bird- Ben Weaver

Innoculation Time- Gabriel Welsch

The Smokehouse- Yusef Komunyakaa

The Slaughter- Kevin Young

The Slaughterhouse- Rigoberto Gonzales

Song of the Pig Who Gave the Poet, Age Three, Worms- Ross Gay

Killdeer- Thorpe Moeckel

Poor Little Critter on the Road- Trailer Bride

The North Slope- Leon Stokesbury

Woodchucks- Maxine Kumin

Weasel in the Turkey Pen- Marie Harris

A Possum Entering the Argument- Tom Healy

Guinea Pig- Sally Bliumis-Dunn

Shooting the Dog- June Jordan

Boy Bites Dog- Gabriel Fried

A Slaughter of Earthworms- Bob Pfeiffer

On the Death of a Circus Elephant Electrocuted in the Initial Y- Averill Curdy

For Llamas- Kevin Goodan


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