10/7- Ekfrastic Show

“…he imagines the sound of magenta rubbing up against the cords of a deep forest green…”

-Nina Corwin from “On Listening to the Brahms Violin Sonata #1”



Cole’s Guitar- Brian Turner

Blues for Robert Johnson- Kim Addonizio & Susan Browne

The Supremes- Mark Jarman

Devotion: Al Green- Bruce Smith

Snowblind- Anthony Walton

On Listening to the Brahms Violin Sonata #1- Nina Corwin

Bach Unaccompanied- Christian Barter

Baba O’Riley- The Waco Brothers

La Belle Dame San Merci- John Keats

The Composition of The Eve of St. Agnes Followed in late April by La Belle Dame Sans Merci- Leon Stokesbury

Photograph of St. Therese of Lisieux Dressed as Joan of Arc, 1894- Megan Sexton

The Martyrdom of Saint Porcine- Doug Van Gundy

For a Picture of Saint Dorothea- Gerard Manley Hopkins

The Visions of Lascaux- Anne Shaw

Dixieland- Steve Earle

After Degas- Jane Hirshfeld

Messieur Degas Teaches Art & Science at Durfee Intermediate School, Detroit 1942- Philip Levine

Still Life- Anthony Hecht

Untitled 1949- George Marsh

Design in America- Betsy Sholl

The Fado House of Argentina Santos- Mary Noonan

The Burghers of Calais- Sean Singer

A Show of Ice Sculpture- Wind Lin

The Ice Sculpture Exhibition- Wind Lin (translated by Paul Welsch)

A Good Man is Hard to Find- Tom Waits

After Reading Tu Fu, I Emerge from a Cloud of Falseness- Matthew Zapruder

Coda: For Whom the Bell Tolls- Sam Taylor

The Ten Commandments- Jericho Brown


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