10/14- Rain Show

“We cannot outrun the rain. So many summers I have tried. So many summers…”-Camille Dungy from “Ark”




The Day Duke Raised- Quincy Troupe

Blues for Robert Johnson- Kim Addonizio & Susan Browne

When You’re Lost in Juarez in the Rain and It’s Easter Time Too- Richard Wright

Play me Something, Though You’re not Really Here- Billy Ramsell

I Think It’s Going to Rain Today- Norah Jones

Letter to Jenks from Hurricane Ivan- Mike Dockins

Letter to Jenks from Hurricane Jean- Mike Dockins

A Week of Rain in My Republic- Stuart Dischell

When Dreams Shower one Part of the Body, When Reality Claims the Other- Purvi Shah

A Record Year for Rainfall- The Decemberists

Woman Walking on the Road- Terrance Hayes

The Same City- Terrance Hayes

Sen Jak’s Address to Storms- Raymond McDaniel

Departure- Katie Chaple

For Maurice Sendak- Steve Scafidi

Possession: What the Ear Said- Oliver de la Paz

Ark- Camille Dungy

Let it Rain- Ok Go

Garden- Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon

Shade Garden- Patrick Donnelly

Poem with Frogs- David Bruzina

The Gardener’s Prayer- Gabriel Welsch

The Work of a Winter- Maureen Boyle

Little Exercise- Elizabeth Bishop (read by Richard Wilbur)

First Winter Storm- John Struloeff

Postscript- Sam Taylor

It was Raining in Delft- Peter Gizzi

Moving- Emily Warn

In the Rain- Monica Ferrell

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