10/21-Classical Allusion Show

“Because it did end, Virgil says, in ruins/ of a city, toppled towers, and one/ fictitious Dido who let it all hang out/ one Carthage summer so hot the oarsmen/gave up their fears…”

-Chad Davidson from “Cleopatra’s Bra” (featured on the live hour)


Ars Poetic with Pain- Jeffrey Thomson

Medusa Defends her Position- Vievee Francis

Persephone- Mary Noonan

Demeter, After- Gabriel Fried

Euridice- Gabriel Fried

Death and Taxus- Gabriel Welsch

After Charon- Sam Taylor

Charon- Keaton Henson

Alexander Leaves Babylon- Monica Ferrell

Mytosis and the Fall of Alexandria- Mike Dockins

Sappho- Xochiquetzal Candelaria

Cleis- Marilyn Hacker

So Begins our Alabee- Of Montreal

Argos- Michael Collier

Chorus from Oedipus at Colonos- Anthony Hecht

Ozymandias- Percy Shelley (read by Michael Sheen)

Spelt from Sibyl’s Leaves- Gerard Manley Hopkins (read by Cheryl Stiles)

Sailing to Byzantium- Nicholas Boulton

Leda & the Swan- Nicholas Boulton

Forecast Fascist Future- Of Montreal

Each Moment a White Bull Steps Shining into the World- Jane Hirshfeld

Diogenes- Gerald Stern

Arethusa- Sarah Gridley

All the Ashtrays in Rome- Chad Davidson

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