11/18- Food Show

“He is lean corned beef.
I am thick Jewish rye.
Life is our delicatessen.
We eat ourselves sick.”

 -Nina Corwin from “Serial (Parts 1 and 2)”
For Health and Strength- Taylor Mali

Setting the Table- Matthea Harvey

The Animal Groom- Sarah Messer

Fugu Soup Blues- Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Where her Hands Should Go- Corey Greene

I Wanted the Avocados- April Ossman

BBQ Commercial- Scott H. Biram

Serial (Parts 1 and 2)- Nina Corwin

The Indivisibles- Campbell McGrath

Piazza di Spagna: Keats Departing- Austin Segrest

A Table- Evie Shockley

Lobster- Anthony Walton

The Preachers Eat Out- Camille T. Dungy

Talking Turkeys- Benjamin Zephaniah

Baking Potatoes- Yusef Komunyakaa

How Many Biscuits Can You Eat?- Split Lip Rayfield

Risking Break- Thorpe Moeckel

Beer Bottle- Gabriel Welsch

Sugar Spoon- Thomas Lux

Maple Licorice- of Montreal

Self Portrait with Sadness, Wild Turkey, and Denis Johnson- Matthew Dickman

Flies- Chad Davidson

Making Things Plain Again- Katie Fesuk

Day Begins at Governor’s Square Mall- Leon Stokesbury

The Time Wars- Tony Hoagland

Strawberries- Asobi Seksu

Strangler Fig Trees- Seth Michelson

Strawberries without Cream- Anabel Caride


6 Thoughts to “11/18- Food Show”

  1. Gabriel Welsch

    Hello! Thanks for using my work on your show. Do you have a live stream through which someone in, say, Pennsylvania, could listen in?

    It looks like a fun program.

    1. admin

      WRAS does not at the moment, but there are several free apps that you can download that will let you listen to radio stations live. We play your poetry because we love and admire your poetry—the subject matter and craft—you appear regularly on our show and have for years, thanks to From the Fishouse, who has given us permission to air your poems. Do you have any more audio available that we can play? Kathy

    2. admin

      Hi- Just looking through old posts. Update: you can now live stream our show on WRAS (http://www2.gsu.edu/~www885/) Sundays 2-4 EST. Thanks!

    3. admin

      Hi, Gabriel,
      Just going through old comments and thought I’d give you an update. We do now have a live stream through WRAS, our home station out of Georgia State University. You can listen online at http://www2.gsu.edu/~www885/ or via your favorite radio app. We are on a holiday break right now, but we’ll be back with new shows in mid-January. Keep writing great poems, and we’ll keep playing them!
      Best for 2016,
      Jessica Temple

  2. phiste manhole

    i was hoping you could tell me the name of the song about stan’s exotic sandwiches?

    1. admin

      That poem is “Sandwich Stan” from a CD by Jack Prelutsky called My Dog May Be a Genius. He’s the first children’s Poet Laureate, but he is so popular because his poems are so witty. Another poem written by Jack Prelutsky I love is “The Underwater Marching Band.” Thanks for listening! kathy

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