1/6- Time Show

“Years turn like autumn leaves. They pass and we number them like galaxies or symphonies when we should honor them with names  like hurricanes or the craters of the moon.  What will arcturus ever mean to me compared to these years: 1962, 1886, 2005. They march beside me like siblings,  they are more intimate than lovers, they do not turn back when I fall behind.”

-Campbell McGrath from “The Future”

The Time Wars- Tony Hoagland

I Go Back to May 1937- Sharon Olds

Wintertime- Robert Louis Stevenson

Archaic Figure- Amy Clampitt

1978- Kevin A. Gonzalez

First Snow in Alsace- Richard Wilbur

How Quickly He Went- Camille T. Dungy

I Don’t Have to Be in Love- Priscilla Ahn

Ballad- Charles Simic

To the Unborn- Christian Barter

New Year Snow- E. Nesbit (Read by Sandra Douglas Weir)

Because I Could Not Stop for Death- Emily Dickinson (Read by Kate Harper)

Daybreak- Galway Kinnell

Postcard from an Orbiting Satellite- Mike Dockins

The Time of Times- Badly Drawn Boy

Each Moment a White Bull Steps Shining into the World- Jane Hirshfeld

Nemerov’s a Primer of the Daily Round Held as a Mirror up to Nature- Leon Stokesbury

It Snowed at the New Year- Michelle Rozga

A New Day- Phillip Levine

When it Came Time, I would Leave the South- Stacey Lynn Brown

Birthday- Laure-Anne Bosselaar

How Long (Have you been Gone)?- Misery Boys & Rex Hobart

Old-Age Compensation- James Wright

The Future- Campbell McGrath

When You Are Old- W.B. Yeats (Read by Sandra Douglas Weir)

Elegy for my Damned Free Time- Mike Dockins

The Past Described as a Figure- Mark Conway

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