1/20- States Show

“My mother renamed herself
The Republic of Texas, unfurled her flag all the way
into the 1980’s, when the Republic kidnapped her neighbors,
Joe and Margaret Rowe, to highlight abuses she’d suffered.
My mother was an American terrorist.”

-James Allen Hall from “Portrait of my Mother as the Republic of Texas”

Love Poem for Lamoni, Iowa- Deborah Ager

Shrewd and Beautiful is my New York- Sarah Gambito

Billy Strayhorn, Ohio was Just a Terrible Dream- Gabrielle Calvocoressi

Portrait of my Mother as the Republic of Texas- James Allen Hall

Closer to Texas- Eliot Khalil Wilson

Texas Pome- Hermine Pinson

Kentucky Bourbon- Murder by Death

Walt Whitman in Alabama- Jake Adam York

A Natural HIstory of Mississippi- Jake Adam York

In Springfield, Oregon, I Hung the State- Stacey Lynn Brown

Blue Moon of Kentucky- Elvis Presley

Because this is Florida- Campbell McGrath

Maine- Carmen O. Menendez

New Year, New Hampshire, On the Occasion of the Inauguration of Craig Benson as the 79th Governor of New Hampshire, January 9th, 2003- Marie Harris

In Idaho, North Carolina, and Maine- Ben Maier

Santa Cruz (You’re not that Far)- The Thrills

Being in the Perfection of a Jersey City July- Evie Shockley

Penance, West Virginia- Gabriel Welsch

Coming into Lexington, Virginia- Sebastian Matthews

For the Eighth Annual Celebration of St. Cecilia, the Patron Saint of Music, Purcellville, Virginia, November 1999- Steve Scafidi

The State of Virginia after South Hampton: 1831- Geoffrey Brock

Virginia Reel- Carey McHugh

Third Shift- Anthony Walton

Indian Song- Major Jackson

Truck Driver- Scott H. Biram

Pennsylvania- Gabriel Welsch

Approaching Baltimore- Reginald Harris

Off Vermont- Reb Livingston

Migration- Robin Beth Schaer

Southern Crescent- Thorpe Moeckel

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