2/3- Night Sky Show

Pizza- Taylor Mali

Dangling- Mike Dockins

Night- Laure-Anne Bosselaar

Cousin Drowses on the Flight to Kuwait- Ross Gay

If Men were Angels- Katie Fesuk

Time’s Train- Wyatt Prunty

Alexander Leaves Babylon- Monica Ferrell

The Desolate Beauty Parlor on Beach Avenue- John Ashbery

Lucky- Clop

The Moon- Percy Bysshe Shelley’s (Read by Michael Sheen)

The Sea and the Skylark- Gerard Manley Hopkins (Read by Leslie Rader)

Exploring Sky- Jane Hirshfeld

Variations on a Theme by Ammons and Li Po- Leon Stokesbury

From the Eclipse of the Moon- T’ung (Read by James Barraclough)

3 Arrested Saturday Night- Steven Dobbins (Read by April Ossman)

Red Moon- Robin Kemp

After the Inferno- Cheryl Stiles

Star Food Sonata- Kim Addonizio & Susan Browne

The Starlight Night- Sean O’Leary

For the Last American Buffalo- Steve Scafidi

Daybreak- Galway Kinnell

Sonnet 14: Not the Stars Do I my Judgement Pick- William Shakespeare (Read by David Tennant)

Sugar Spoon- Thomas Lux

Melting- Doug Woodsum

Screen Test- Angie Hogan

Fireflies at Midnight- Alexander Long

Close Encounters- Night Driving in Small Towns

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  1. Robin Kemp

    Thanks for playing Red Moon! Awooooooo!

    1. admin

      Thanks for listening!

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