2/10-For the Love of Animals

“Clasping cold fingers
we would eye the hybrid lives of the zoo–
feather-toed hens, dwarf donkeys, kangaroo rats–
and dream a stampede of roaring ghost animals
in the Tiergarten on the run from the trains.”

-Mary Noonan from “At the Zoo”

Animal Acts- Charles Simic

Afternoons- Camille Yvette-Welsch

Inside the Dog- Tina Chang

Prodigal Dog- Mary Crockett Hill

Ars Poetica after a Dog- Patrick Rosal

The Half Tail of Winchester- Taylor Mali

I Want a Dog- Pet Shop Boys

Signs of Winter- Ron Bloomfield (read by John Clare)

Stuffed- Beth Gylys

Late Twentieth Century in the Form of Litany- Gabrielle Calvocoressi

Charmed- Yusef Komunyakaa

Sigmund Freud Writes a Postcard…- Megan Sexton

Cardinal Virtue- Nicky Beer

Habit- Jane Hirshfeld

A Love Supreme- Gabrielle Calvocoressi

Asking for More- Sarah Manguso

At the Zoo- Mary Noonan

The Lion Sleeps Tonight- The Kingston Trio

Fetal, Skeletal- Robert Pfeiffer

The Tyger- William Blake (read by Michael Sheen)

Polar Bear- Leon Stokesbury

Crazy Jane Meets a Bear- Jane Hilberry

A Hunger so Honed- Tracy K. Smith

Pastoral- David Roderick

And Dream of Sheep- Kate Bush

The Lamb- William Blake (read by Michael Sheen)

Shooting Turtles- Sarah Wetzel

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