2/17- Black History Show (Part 1)- Race in America

Highlighted poet, Terrance Hayes.





To Blackness- Lynne Thompson

Some Instructions on Black Masculinity Offered to my Black Friend by the White Woman he Briefly Dated, a Monologue- Ross Gay

At the Alpha Phi Alpha Ball- Camille T. Dungy

Alabama- John Coltrane

When Black People Are- A.B. Spellman

A Poem about Intelligence for my Brothers and Sisters- June Jordan

What I Am- Terrance Hayes

Broken Earth- Terrance Hayes

Slavery Days- Burning Spear

The Avacado- Terrance Hayes

The Blue Seuss- Terrance Hayes

Duck Duck Redux- Evie Shockley

Strange Fruit- Billie Holiday 

For my Childhood Friend Derek who First Told me I could Call Him Nigger- Patrick Rosal

Steven- Patricia Smith

The Change- Tony Hoagland (read by Nick Flynn)

Open Letter: A Dialogue on Race and Poetry- Claudia Rankine

Dear Claudia: A Letter in Response- Tony Hoagland (read by Claudia Rankine)

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