3/17- Ars Poetica Show

Highlighted poet, Dana Levin.





Ars Poetica Blues- Sebastian Matthews

Ars Poetica- Lee Herrick

To the Sixth Grade Class at Lilly C. Evans Elementary School in Dade County Miami- Patricia Smith

Ars Poetica- Orlando White

One Train May Hide Another- Kenneth Koch

Poetry and Aeroplanes- Teitur

The Pier Aspiring- Thomas Lux

Ars Poetica- Dana Levin

Ars Poetica- Catherine Barnett

Ars Poetica with Pain- Jeffrey Thomson

Ars Poetica- Emmy Perez

Sonnet- The Decemberists

Ars Poetica after a Dog- Patrick Rosal

I Think I could be a Poet- Taylor Mali

At the Poetry Reading- Ken Cormier

Defense of Poetry- Charles Bernstein

Poetry Man- Phoebe Snow

This Poetry- Jon Pineda

Ars Poetica- Czeslaw Milosz

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