9/2- Pop Culture Show

“Dorothy’s broomstick braids slap him
in the mug. Quit your yapping
and give me a munchkin for lunch.”

-From “Deconstructing Dorothy” by Nina Corwin


1. Nightcrawler Buys a Woman a Drink- Gary Jackson

2. What I learned from the Incredible Hulk- Aimee Nezhukumatathil

3. Lucy Upon Hearing of Charles Schultz’s Retirement…- Arian-Sophia Kartsonis

4. There is No Such Thing as Superman- Mike Dockins

5. Garden of Cartoon Exclamations- Joan of Arc

6. Portrait of Brittany Spears, Kenwood, 1996- Rachel Richardson

7. Rock Out- August Segrest

8. April Peepers, Flaubert, and Springsteen- Robert Cording

9. from Rock the Body, Body- Major Jackson

10. True- Cheryl Stiles

11. Ain’t Misbehaving (Nixon and Armstrong, 1952)- Jeffrey Thompson

12. Shout Out- Thorpe Moeckel

13. Squeal Like a Pig- Thorpe Moeckel

14. Ghost of Mae West- Trailer Bride

15. Questions for Godzilla- Paul Guest

16. Seventeen Questions About King Kong- Jane Cooper

17. Deconstructing Dorothy- Nina Corwin

18. What Bugs Bunny Said to Red Riding Hood- Tim Siebles

19. Cultural Sitcom or Poet Laureate Guest Stars on the The Simpsons- Kevin A. Gonzalez

21. On Hearing Rumors That Ernie’s Written off the Show- Travis Denton

22. Sister Ray Charles- JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound

23. Ken Norton as Mandingo- Reginald Harris

24. A Supermarket in California- Allen Ginsberg


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