9/29/13- Car Show






I Could Be Driving- April Ossman

Third Shift- Anthony Walton

Lookout Mountain- Austin Segrest

Stepping OUt of the Car- Robin Kemp

Balloon Heart- Beth Gylys

Caroline’s Car- The Skylarks

Waking Up- Adrian Blevins

The Brestilitof’s Treaty- Christian Barter

The Place Above the River- Kate Northrop

America- Tony Hoagland

Lush Life- Kim Addonizio & Susan Browne

2-4-6-8 Motorway- Tom Robinson & SAS Band

Animals in the City- Michelle Rozga

October 4, 1974- Mike Dockins

Inside the Dog- Tina Chang

Lower Manhattan Pantoum- Elaine Sexton

Airbag- Radiohead

Monologue of an Assassin- Katie Chaple

10th Street Anthem- Santee Frazier

Filling Station- Elizabeth Bishop (read by Beth Gylys)

from Urban Renewal, #21- Major Jackson

To Whoever Set My Truck on Fire- Steve Scafidi

To a Buick Skylark- Travis Denton

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