3/16 – Irish Poetry Show





W. B. Yeats

1. Martin Healy’s War on God and Ireland by Eoghan Walls

2. Vertigo on the Glenshane Pass

3. Osiris and the Prague Flood

4. Ar Bhruach Na Carraige Baine (Bank of Whiterock) by Altan

5. The Lake Isle of Innisfree  W. B. Yeats

6. Bright Day  by Mary Noonan

7. Discussion of Bright Day

8. I Will Gabble by Mary Noonan

9. Herald by Mary Noonan

10. Symposium by Paul Muldoon

11. The Work of a Winter 8 by Maureen Boyle

12. The Work of a Winter 10 by Maureen Boyle

13. Incunabula 1 by Maureen Boyle

14. A Pub with No Beer  by The Dubliners

15. The Ballad of Father Gilligan by W. B. Yeats

16. Paula Cunningham discusses place in poetry

17. Geography and Sweetshops by Paula Cunningham

18. Paula Cunningham discusses her writing process

19. Gist by Paula Cunningham

20. Mother’s Pride by Paula Cunningham

21. To Posterity by Louis MacNiece off of the CD Belfast Imagined from Five Points

22. A Prayer for My Daughter by W. B. Yeats

23. Lament for Esbjorn Svensson by Billy Ramsell

24. After Words by Billy Ramsell

25. Waking from the Dream She Visited by Billy Ramsell

26. The Low Highlands by Altan

27. Talking to Stones by Liz O’Donoghue

28. Suspended Animation by Liz O’Donoghue

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