3/30- Monster Show






Fernbank’s Mythic Creatures Exhibition

Monster Theory – Lytton Smith

Strangler Fig Trees – Seth Michelson

Change – Leon Stokesbury

Perhaps Vampires is a Bit Strong – Arctic Monkeys

November Neurosis – Adrian Blevins

Bring it Up From the Dark – Robert Duncan

The Second Coming – W. B. Yeats

A Cure for Plague – Ilyse Kusnetz

Georgia Gothic – Leon Stokesbury

The Tower That Ate People – Peter Gabriel

Resume – Helen Wickes

The Wicker Man – Aariele Greenburg

Gretel in the Tunnel – Henrietta Goodman

Waking the Witch – Kate Bush

The Birth of Godzilla – Ilyse Kusnetz

Grendel’s Brother – Helen Wickes

Helen Wickes talks about the genesis of Grendel’s Brother

Questions for Godzilla – Paul Guest

Dangerous – Redblossom

My Life as Orson Welles – John Olivares Espinoza

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