4.19.15 – Planets









The Dance of Ararat – Eoghan Walls
The Garden of Brazil – Tiffany Higgins
I Wake Up in the Middle of the Night – Tiffany Higgins
Read ‘The World’ – Genine Lentine
Black Walnuts – Elizabeth Volpe
Against Patience – Elizabeth Volpe
Align the Planets – In Case of Fire
Absorption (Self) – Jules Gibbs 
The Shadows at Boxford – Norman Dubie
Astrolabe – Martin Arnold
Natural Selection – Nina Corwin
Sugaring Redux – Sean Hill
The Wave – Michael Collier
Planet Earth – Duran Duran
Apart, Away – Connie Voisine
The Early Days of Aviation – Connie Voisine
Lullaby in SoMa for Paloma – Barbara Jane Reyes
Scientific Inquiry – Camille-Yvette Welsch
Negative Gravity – Anthony Deaton
Fear of Wonder – Maria Hummel
Stardust – Artie Shaw

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