2/23 – Death Show

Sunset over Birmingham June 20, 2011    

2/9- Under the Influence Show

Featured poet, Sebastian Matthews.      

11/10/13- Ends with a Question

Highlighted poet, Helen Wickes.      

10/27/13- Sweets Show
10/20/13- Tree Show


10/13/13-City Show

Featured poet, Evie Shockley

10/6/13- Southern Poets Show

Featured poets, Thorpe Moeckel, David Bottoms, and Adam Vines.

9/29/13- Car Show


9/8/13- Failed Love Show

Featured poet, Carrie Jerrell. Check out interviews and poems at http://fishousepoems.org/archives/carrie_jerrell/index.shtml      

9/1/13- Labor Show

Featured poet, Philip Levine. Check out more of his poems at http://www.poets.org/poet.php/prmPID/19