5/19- Ends in Simile Show

Featured poet, Carrie Jerrell        

4/28-Anya Silver Show

Featured poet, Anya Silver        

4/21- Poems Ending with an Image

Featured poet, Adam Vines

3/24- Spiritual Show

Highlighted poet, Emily Dickinson.        

3/17- Ars Poetica Show

Highlighted poet, Dana Levin.        

3/3- Weather Show

Highlighted poet, Haiku master, Matsuo Basho        

2/24- Black History Month Show (Part 2)- Civil Rights

Highlighted poet, Jake Adam York.        

2/17- Black History Show (Part 1)- Race in America

Highlighted poet, Terrance Hayes.        

2/10-For the Love of Animals

“Clasping cold fingers we would eye the hybrid lives of the zoo– feather-toed hens, dwarf donkeys, kangaroo rats– and dream a stampede of roaring ghost animals in the Tiergarten on the run from the trains.” -Mary Noonan from “At the…

2/3- Night Sky Show

Pizza- Taylor Mali Dangling- Mike Dockins Night- Laure-Anne Bosselaar Cousin Drowses on the Flight to Kuwait- Ross Gay If Men were Angels- Katie Fesuk Time’s Train- Wyatt Prunty Alexander Leaves Babylon- Monica Ferrell The Desolate Beauty Parlor on Beach Avenue-…